Star Trek Holds Secret To Human Survival

Star Trek

The creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry, is a genius. If he was President, there would be no wars, famine, disease or poverty. All the scientists would be working towards ways to eradicate disease, replicators would be for real and we wouldn’t be using fossil fuels to pollute the air while we travel on vacation. There would be transporters to help us go anywhere we wanted in the world.

Here is truth for all you people that poo poo on science fiction. Star Trek is a template for true humanism. In Star Trek, there is no money. Everyone pursues their own special gifts and there is a place for everyone because everyone’s gifts are different. Some are engineers, some are cooks, some are leaders, some are followers, some are musicians and some are doctors. It doesn’t matter what it is, every job is important and assists the “collective”. Because no one has to worry about food and clothing (because there are replicators), each individual pursues their own unique mission…and their mission is valued.


Think about this. Adopting the Star Trek way of life could save humanity.

This is our existence right now. We work to make money, to save, to survive our old age. We work and save (if we have the discipline) because ultimately, if we don’t, we will be out on the street. It’s true. Some of us are lucky. Some of us have family and friends that will look out for us in the end. But, a lot of us don’t. Just look around and count how many homeless people there are on the corners. Don’t think that couldn’t be you, if you lost your money, your stock dropped or all the people that you are counting on die or lose their money.

What if everyone followed their heart and did the work they loved and dreamed about? What if we all truly looked out for each other, not just in our community, our State or our Country? But in our world? What if we shared our resources? What if we all realized that all we really need is food, shelter, clothing, medicine and love?

Think about it. That’s all we really need. But, I don’t think that is all we would have. Facts show that if we shared there would be enough for everyone. And, there would be so much more.

What if all these scientists that are creating weapons, biological viruses, drones, and machines to do things humans can do for themselves actually spent time curing diseases, creating renewable sources of energy and building things that truly benefit humanity and the entire world? I know what would happen. The world would be a completely different place. It would be sweet!

Maybe there would even be replicators and transporters. So cool.

Note to self: Then I could stop spending time listening to that CD that teaches say it can teach me how to Astral Project. I’ve always wanted to travel for free.

Thanks for reading!

© Heather McBride-Anders, 2016

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