Say No to Writer’s Block

What writer's block?

I’ve been blocked – serious writer’s block – and fearful of not having anything relevant to write for months. The last time I posted something on SOUL TONIC IN WORD AND VISION was June 24, 2016. Crap! That’s a long time.

Today, I am writing whether its relevant, or good, or horrible. It hasn’t been comfortable for me at all to not write. Each day I failed to pick up the pen and write, my fear grew bigger and bigger. Those first few days of blockage I would at least think of topics to write about. Soon I was only thinking about it here and there until I wasn’t thinking about it at all. A few days turned into four months. This blog fail off my radar completely.

That’s what happens when we stop feeding our dreams, our goals, our art, our life’s work. When we don’t take action, pushing through the inevitable fear that creeps into our hearts and minds when we are doing something that is important to our soul, it dies away. Just like bodies need food and water, our passions need fertilizer and watering to grow.

With that said, I want to add that our bodies also need sleep. After we sleep, we are refreshed and have the energy to go about our. Take a break from your life’s work when you need to. But wake up, eat, breathe, and for me write every day. Maybe you are a painter, saxophonist, or cross country runner – wake up and take action again. Forgive yourself for sleeping too long – don’t even give that time another thought. Let the fear, the worse case scenarios, fade into the darkness. Just do it! (Yes, I really did steal the Nike motto. It’s a great motto. Maybe one of the best.)

Today, I picked up the pen and wrote. I seriously feel like I rose up to the surface of the deep blue sea and took my first breath since my boat sinked.

Thanks for reading!

© Heather McBride-Anders, 2016

Post script: If you are blocked and can’t pick up your “pen”, check out Julia Cameron’s book “THE ARTIST WAY“. It has saved my cookies several times. If you don’t like to read – gasp – she also has a video course online.

Post post script: Next week, I’ll be starting Adult Bedtime Story category and posting a project that I have been working on since I was 9 years old.


  1. Doug

    Write on! Thank you for the important reminders, skillfully imparted with eloquence and simplicity.

    1. (Post author)

      Happy you liked it!


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