Iceapocalypse of All Ice Storms

Elf house tree trunk

On December 16 thru 18, 2016, the ice storms, what I like to call the Iceapocalypse, descended on Eugene, Oregon, murdering my front yard tree. It was a beautiful tree. Our neighbors would walk by and ooh and aah over it’s variegated leaves. It shaded the house most nicely in the evening and provided lovely shelter for the blue jays, crows and many other birds needing a rest from time to time.

I loved that tree, damn it!

The day the ice arrived, but before I knew it was coming, I sat on my couch and stared out the window at that tree. The leaves were gone. I thought about how nice it would be when they came back. I thought about how I would probably never leave Eugene or this house because of that beautiful tree. And, then it happened.

Not four hours later, the ice ripped the limbs off one by one. Literally. One branch after another snapped off every 15 to 30 minutes. The sequoia in the back dropped branches on the house too. I’m sure our yard and house sounded like what a war zone sounded like. Bam! Kaboom! Bam! Bam! Rip! That last rip was the electrical mast being torn from the roof. The electric was long gone before that happened though, thanks to tree limbs landed on all the wires in the neighborhood and blowing up transformers. The branch that didn’t completely snap off  our tree was the branch that landed on our house.

The next day, the house was still mostly intact. The huge sequoia did not topple and take us out. The front yard tree looked like a spike pointing to the heavens. I ended up in a hotel room for six days, with two cats and a husband recovering from knee replacement surgery ordering room service. We survived. We fared better than many in Eugene.

What’s my point? I just wanted to share the experience and acknowledge that one minute everything can be okey dokey and the very next it can all go to hell in a hand basket. So, let’s all acknowledge that we only have this moment and enjoy it. I felt compelled to share the lesson that I continue to relearn.

The tree is dead and gone and, yeah, I’m still grieving the loss. I’m a peace loving tree hugger that isn’t always very peaceful. Come on! These trees never did anything to deserve this!

I thought it was time to leave Eugene, since the Gods decided to test my determination. But, the tree stumps remain and tonight my friend and I devised a plan to create an Elf House out of the stumps and display them in the yard. The tree lives on and I’m still alive, living in Eugene – so take that you tree murdering gods!


P.S. This is not our tree, but you get the point.

ice storm tree

Another murdered tree in Eugene, Oregon


  1. Kenny

    can’t wait to see your elf house. Maybe their relatives from the elf house in Connecticut on Becket Hill might move out

    1. (Post author)

      I’m thinking they at least visited me in my dreams to make them a new home. Because the idea came out of the blue. 🙂


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