Fuck That

I’m a professional. I’m a mother. I’m a Buddhist. I’m not supposed to use this kind of language. But, after the last couple of years, my inner potty mouth has emerged and I can’t stuff it back down. So, Fuck that. I have no intention of stuffing anything down anymore.

This doesn’t mean I’m just going to start parading around saying anything I want to anyone I want to say it to. I have some class and I’m not in the business of hurting people. I want to create value on this earth while I am still breathing. But, come on, can’t I have a little bit of fun in the meantime? I remember when something would piss my Grandpa off and he would get that funny look on his face and say, “SHIIIIIIIT!” I would start giggling that my Grandpa just said shit and he would get that grin on his face silently saying, “Yeah, I said shit. I dare you.” I’ve always been one to accept a dare.

I love to curse. It’s my mother’s fault. (I wrote that just because I know she is going to read this. And, she hates to hear her children cuss, even though I know she gets great satisfaction letting it rip. Sooooo – I love you, Mommy!) No, it’s not my mother’s fault. Why fault her for one of my favorite activities? And, it’s a family affair. Yeah, I got the idea to write this blog because my uncle, Bryan, posted this lovely article.

Seven Signs You May Be Unfuckwithable

I was, like, “Hell yeah! I’m getting close to being unfuckwithable.” Then, I checked out this lovely video and I laughed my ass off.


People. I have no intention of discontinuing with a few choice words here and there. Hell no! If a mother fucker cuts me off, putting me and my family in danger on the road, I’m going to call a mother fucker a mother fucker. Well, not so he can see or hear me. Cause he already drove off down the road, not giving me or my loved ones a thought. (Find your inner Buddha, Heather.) No sense causing trouble, now is there? I’ll look away and mutter it under my breath. Sometimes, there is nothing more appropriate than calling a spade a mother fucker.

Okay. So, I got it out of my system today. I find great satisfaction in being myself in person and in this blog.

Thanks for reading.

© Heather McBride-Anders, 2016


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